About Authentic

About Us

We are an Insurance Broker company in Jaipur

Specializing in the field of Insurance

Like two sets of finger prints are never identical, in the same way company known as "AUTHENTIC" is different from the rest and has a particular identity of its own, which can be trusted with complete confidence.

Authentic Insurance Brokers India Limited was licenced by IRDA in June 2003 to meet the Insurance needs of businesses and people in India.

We aim at using our knowledge, along with the technology, to arrange and offer the most suitable and cost effective insurances to meet our client specific needs upto the level of their satisfaction.

We are engaged in General Insurance, Life Insurance, Investment Management and Insurance Claims Management.

As part of our growth process, and in response to the demands of readers, we went into organizing insurance consultancy to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to facilitate the transfer of technology to the region.

Authentic is built on the foundation of building strong and ever-growing relationships with its clients. Authentic focuses on de-risking the unknown and unforeseen risks faced by their clients and adding value to all its stakeholders.

Authentic is managed by a strong management, with a blend of youth and experience, which is extremely futuristic in their approach and ensures delivery of real-time services.

Having been in these specialized markets for years, Authentic has carved out a niche for itself and has built up significant expertise, relationships and infrastructure over these years.

Authentic Brokers are unique in offering personalised and tailored services to ensure all their client's needs are met.

We understand that businesses are busy with their day-to-day activities and need an insurance broker they can rely on, one that can handle their risks. We value ourselves as an extension of our client's business and therefore work closely with our customers to deliver the right package on time on budget.